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Houseki No Kuni (TV) - Episode 5

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Houseki No Kuni (TV) - Episode 5

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Kyōgoku and Ichikawa discussed the story development, and Kyōgoku was asked to leave it uncertain whether Phos's changes during the story are good or not, and to portray the change as starting with their meeting with Cinnabar, as Ichikawa saw those two elements as the foundation of Land of the Lustrous. She partook in story development meetings, and discussed how to achieve the right balance between exploring subjects in detail and prompting questions, such as what the true nature of the Lunarians is, due to how not everything could have been explained in twelve episodes. Although she told Kyōgoku about events in not yet published manga chapters, she asked him to avoid incorporating elements from future chapters; he saw his role as consisting of him organizing the manga material, and was happy with how much of the manga's story they were able to adapt, with the anime covering all parts he wanted to include.[14]

The decision to create the series using CG came in part from how the beauty of gemstones was seen as part of the series' appeal, and how it would have been difficult to depict their translucency using hand-drawn animation, whereas CG enabled this; Kyōgoku had from the beginning envisioned the characters as figures with clear, moving parts. As Land of the Lustrous was Orange's first anime project as the main production studio, they spent a lot of time adjusting to it from the types of CG productions they were used to, balancing how detailed the CG work should be and figuring out how to achieve Kyōgoku's vision for the visual treatment of the characters. While Kyōgoku was happy with the final versions of the episodes, he said that it took much longer to create than had the series been created using 2D animation, saying that the first storyboards were not finished until June 2016 and that the first produced cuts took months to create, although it started to go more smoothly once the first were finished.[14]

Land of the Lustrous was announced in the magazine Monthly Afternoon in May 2017,[17] and aired for twelve episodes on Japanese television on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11 and MBS from October 7 to December 23, 2017.[11][18] Sentai Filmworks licensed the series and simulcast it through Amazon's Anime Strike platform in the United States;[19][20] following the cancellation of Anime Strike in January 2018, it was transferred to the Amazon Prime Video service.[21] The series was also simulcast through Hidive in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Oceania, and Central and South America.[22] 781b155fdc

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