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Aliqarx: Join the Exclusive Community of the Rich Baku

What is Aliqarx?

If you are a fan of cars, luxury lifestyle, humor, and memes, you might have heard of Aliqarx. Aliqarx is a popular Instagram account that posts various kinds of content related to these topics. But what exactly is Aliqarx and why should you follow it? In this article, we will explore the origin, meaning, content, benefits, and contact details of Aliqarx.


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The origin and meaning of Aliqarx

Aliqarx is a word that combines two Azerbaijani words: alı (red) and qarx (circle). It refers to the red circle that is often seen on the rear window of some cars in Azerbaijan. The red circle is a symbol of xuliqan (hooligan) culture, which is a subculture of car enthusiasts who modify their cars with loud exhausts, spoilers, stickers, neon lights, and other accessories. Xuliqans are known for their reckless driving, street racing, drifting, and stunts.

The word Aliqarx was first used by an Instagram user named in 2017. He started posting photos and videos of his own car, a red Lada 2107 with a red circle on the rear window. He also posted content related to other xuliqans, luxury cars, celebrities, humor, and memes. His account quickly gained popularity and attracted more than 93K followers as of June 2023. He also created a YouTube channel with the same name in 2019.

How Aliqarx became a popular Instagram account

There are several reasons why Aliqarx became a popular Instagram account. First of all, he posted original and unique content that appealed to his target audience. He showed his passion for cars and xuliqan culture in an entertaining and humorous way. He also used hashtags such as #aliqarx #aliqarxaz #richbaku #richvideos #richphotos #richlady #richboys #oligarch #aztagrambaku #bakuaz #rich #luxuryaz #baku #bakulife #aztagram #baki #lada #azerbaijan #avtos #vaz07 #niva #aktiv #ypx #kesfet #vaz2107 #vaz2106 #xuliqan #ваз2107 #ваз2101 #nivaurban to increase his visibility and reach on Instagram.

Secondly, he collaborated with other popular Instagram accounts and influencers in Azerbaijan. For example, he sponsored @kingsman_butik, a clothing store that sells fashionable and trendy outfits for men. He also featured @nigarjamal_official, a famous singer who represented Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. He also participated in challenges and trends such as the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Mannequin Challenge.

Thirdly, he interacted with his followers and created a loyal fan base. He responded to comments and messages from his fans. He also asked for feedback and suggestions from his followers. He also organized giveaways and contests to reward his followers and increase his engagement. For example, he gave away a pair of AirPods to a lucky winner who liked, commented, and shared his post.

What kind of content does Aliqarx post?

Aliqarx posts various kinds of content on his Instagram account. Here are some of the main categories of his content:

Cars and luxury lifestyle

One of the main themes of Aliqarx's content is cars and luxury lifestyle. He posts photos and videos of his own car, as well as other cars that he likes or owns. He also posts content related to luxury brands, products, services, and places. For example, he posts about Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton bags, Gucci shoes, Lamborghini cars, private jets, yachts, villas, hotels, restaurants, and clubs. He also posts about his travels to different countries and cities such as Dubai, Paris, London, Istanbul, Moscow, and New York.

Humor and memes

Another theme of Aliqarx's content is humor and memes. He posts funny and witty captions, comments, stories, and messages on his posts. He also posts memes that are related to cars, xuliqans, celebrities, politics, culture, and social media. He uses sarcasm, irony, exaggeration, parody, and satire to make fun of himself and others. He also makes references to popular movies, TV shows, songs, books, games, and events.

Sponsorships and collaborations

A third theme of Aliqarx's content is sponsorships and collaborations. He posts content that promotes or features other brands, products, services, or influencers that he works with or supports. He also posts content that shows his appreciation or gratitude to his sponsors or collaborators. For example, he posts about the clothing store @kingsman_butik that he sponsors. He also posts about the singer @nigarjamal_official that he featured on his account. He also posts about the YouTube channel that he created.

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The benefits of following Aliqarx

There are many benefits of following Aliqarx on Instagram. Here are some of them:

Entertainment and inspiration

One benefit of following Aliqarx is entertainment and inspiration. You can enjoy his content that is fun, funny, creative, and original. You can also get inspired by his passion for cars and luxury lifestyle. You can learn from his experiences and tips on how to achieve your goals and dreams.

Information and tips

Another benefit of following Aliqarx is information and tips. You can get useful information and tips on various topics such as cars, xuliqan culture, luxury brands, products, services, places, and celebrities. You can also get tips on how to improve your car, your lifestyle, your humor, and your social media presence.

Interaction and community

A third benefit of following Aliqarx is interaction and community. You can interact with Aliqarx and his followers by liking, commenting, sharing, and messaging on his posts. You can also join his giveaways and contests to win prizes and rewards. You can also become part of his community of fans and friends who share similar interests and passions.

How to contact Aliqarx

If you want to contact Aliqarx for any reason, such as asking questions, giving feedback, requesting collaborations, or offering sponsorships, you have several options. Here are some of them:

Instagram DM

The easiest way to contact Aliqarx is through Instagram direct message (DM). You can send him a message on his Instagram account He usually responds within 24 hours, unless he is busy or traveling. He is friendly and polite, and he likes to chat with his fans and followers.


Another way to contact Aliqarx is through email. You can send him an email at He checks his email regularly, and he replies to professional and serious inquiries. He prefers email for business-related matters, such as sponsorships, collaborations, or interviews.


A third way to contact Aliqarx is through YouTube. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel and watch his videos. You can also leave comments on his videos and he might reply to them. He posts videos about cars, xuliqans, luxury lifestyle, humor, memes, and more.


Aliqarx is a popular Instagram account that posts content about cars, xuliqans, luxury lifestyle, humor, memes, and more. It was created by an Instagram user named in 2017. The word Aliqarx means red circle in Azerbaijani, and it refers to the symbol of xuliqan culture. Aliqarx became popular by posting original and unique content, collaborating with other popular accounts and influencers, and interacting with his followers. There are many benefits of following Aliqarx on Instagram, such as entertainment, inspiration, information, tips, interaction, and community. You can contact Aliqarx through Instagram DM, email, or YouTube. If you are interested in cars, xuliqans, luxury lifestyle, humor, memes, and more, you should definitely follow Aliqarx on Instagram.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Aliqarx:



What is the name of Aliqarx's car?

Aliqarx's car is a red Lada 2107 with a red circle on the rear window. It is a Soviet-made car that was produced from 1982 to 2012. It is also known as VAZ-2107 or Zhiguli.

How much money does Aliqarx make from Instagram?

Aliqarx does not disclose his exact income from Instagram, but he makes money from sponsorships, collaborations, and advertisements. He also sells merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and stickers with his logo and slogan.

Is Aliqarx married or dating someone?

Aliqarx does not share much information about his personal life, but he is not married and he does not have a girlfriend. He says he is too busy and focused on his career and passion.

Does Aliqarx have any other social media accounts?

Aliqarx has a YouTube channel with the same name as his Instagram account. He also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but he is not very active on them.

What is the meaning of Aliqarx's slogan "Yoxsa Yox"?

"Yoxsa Yox" is an Azerbaijani phrase that means "Either Yes or No". It is a way of saying that there is no middle ground or compromise. It is also a way of expressing confidence and determination.

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