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Meaning, tradition & history of the Couple Rings Set

The wearing of an Engagement Ring has a rich history that goes back to a long times. The ring was originally a symbol of the bride receiving her wedding dowry. It has evolved into the romantic symbol we recognize today.

The engagement rings are the symbol of the marriage vow that is a symbol of commitment and obligation towards the one you love.

The shape of the band reveals its meaning. It is round, without beginning and end. It was the universal symbol of everlasting love, fidelity perfection, and infinity.

The background of the engagement ring through time, from the earliest times to today

From the beginning to the present the meaning of an engagement ring has changed.

In the past, it was believed that rings fingers were an intimate connection to the heart. For this reason, rings were put on the left hand of the loved one to symbolize eternal love and unending love.

In the Middle Ages, the woman received an engagement ring from her lover as a guarantee of marriage. This was a serious custom that women were prohibited from wearing a ring just for fun.

The so-called twin rings began to appear. A pair of rings that can be worn together. The man wore his ring until the wedding ceremony, and then he gave it to the woman who would wear it as the wedding ring from then on.

Today, the engagement ring is an integral part of the official announcement of a wedding. In Italy it is typically only worn by women. Usually, it is the one who selects and buys the engagement ring.

Engagement rings - traditions and individuality, as well as meaning. value

In Italy it is common for men to guess the taste of a woman to ensure that she is happy with the ring.

In our country, it's important to consider the materials and the size of the stone, but for women, the meaning of the ring and its personal meaning are more important.

The traditional meaning of the ring is an immense impact on people who wear it. The woman wears it to symbolize the love of her life and loyalty to her spouse.

Engagement rings - still in fashion?

An engagement ring to be given away is popular in the past. This custom is relatively new in some social classes. Previously, giving an engagement ring was only reserved for young nobles and wealthy members of the upper classes of society. For ordinary people wearing a ring of diamonds and precious metal was just too expensive.

The boom in economic prosperity of the 1950s meant that men could afford to give their beloved an exquisite ring. From a ritual strictly reserved for elites and the elite, the tradition of the engagement ring has become an everyday thing for all. Since the 1970s, the number couples where at least one of them continuously wears an engagement ring is constantly growing.

The tradition of a man surprise his partner with an engagement ring is in force in the present. It was previously customary that the man wear an engagement ring. Today, a majority of men gift one as a present, but they only put the ring on the day of the wedding.

Numerous famous couples ensure that this tradition will not fade away with lavish weddings and extravagant engagement rings. Many young people imitate the fashions of celebrities and, consequently, the next generation will carry on the tradition of the engagement ring.

Why is there an engagement ring?

Why the engagement ring? This question is often asked by those men who do not understand the traditional meaning or emotional significance of the engagement ring. Here are five reasons it's worth the cost to buy an engagement ring with diamonds.

The most important reason for many men is that the investment is romantic (for her) and distinctive (for him). Anyone who is confident of his love for their partner just needs an engagement ring ;-)

The diamond's sparkle will make all your acquaintances and friends happy (not just that tiny ...)

Quote from the other partner Do you always need to ask these questions? Aren't you able to be a bit romantic once?

1,000 ruro (for the ring) divided by the years ahead of you (so many! ) Oh my god it's only a few euros a year!

All of our friends have or will soon receive an engagement ring.

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