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Where To Buy Wine In Bulk For Wedding


Where To Buy Wine In Bulk For Wedding

Walmart is, of course, known for affordability. It can be a great place to buy bulk wine glasses, particularly stemless versions. They have several options that range in shape, material, and functionality, including outdoor lidded tumblers.

For wholesale wine glasses, Alibaba is a fantastic site. They sell wine glasses by the case that come in several styles and colors, which can be a unique, eclectic option for a boho-themed wedding or birthday celebration.

Buying wine glasses wholesale is perfect for those who want to stock up on discount glassware in large quantities. Whether you're running a restaurant or hosting a large event, buying in supplies bulk can help you save money.

De-stress picking and ordering the best wines and champagnes for your wedding day with the insights and calculations below. Our guide to champagne and wine for a wedding explores all the necessary details to nail down this planning task so you can move onto other decisions. You know, like enjoying one of the happiest days of your life.

To find good wines for weddings, look for lower alcohol content and a mild flavor that will pair nicely with your reception meal. Give your guests options by choosing at least one red and one white wine. Two foolproof options that can be served year-round are Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Both wines are lighter in body with a subtle fruitiness that goes well with a variety of foods.

Erring on the side of caution brings peace of mind on your big day, keeping guests happy and reducing wedding-day stress. After all, your college pals will never let you live it down if the wine, champagne and other beverages dry up too early.

Wedding planners suggest assuming each adult will drink approximately one glass of wine every hour. Wedding receptions, on average, last between three to five hours. Together, we can use these estimates to form the calculation for how many bottles of wine to order for your wedding:

Wine is categorized by many characteristics, including the five below. Learn about these five defining traits and how they affect the wine-drinking experience to narrow down the options for your wedding menu.

For wedding receptions, opt for a dry rosé offering the best of both worlds. Rosés carry the bright, refreshing flavors typically associated with white wine. Yet it also has enough body to stand up to meals and even wedding cake, just like red wine. Plus, this variety of wine is quickly gaining ground to become a premier choice for wedding celebrations, since it falls body and flavor-wise between white and red wine.

Champagne and sparkling wine are often associated with celebrations, which makes them perfect for weddings. Their subtle flavors and expressive bubbles make sparkling wines a delicious and suitable drink on their own. Dry sparkling wines in particular work well with foods if you want to offer a bubbly option on your beverage menu.

Note the only sparkling wine to officially receive the label of champagne must be made in the Champagne region in France. Other names include the more generic sparkling wine, cava, prosecco, Asti and Cremant, each designating where the beverage was produced.

Yet more important than the name or where it originates is the flavor a bottle offers. Sparkling wines come in varying sweetness levels, identified by special names. Explore these different levels to find champagne or sparkling wine that fits your preferences:

Use your wine and champagne menu to add that special touch to your wedding day. Consider customizing the presentation of bottles at the bar in a unique way. Print signs to place on the tables or at the bar sharing why you chose this particular varietal.

At Marketview Liquor, we can also help you plan the wine and liquor for your wedding reception. Give us a call at 888-427-2480 or email us at [email protected] to start planning the wine and champagne for your wedding!

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